Snowdonia household energy study: Data

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Household action

Switch to 100% green electricity supplier

Oil, Gas, Coal heating is replaced with heatpumps powered by green electric

Improve insulation and air-tightness to achieve at least 120 kWh/m2/year primary energy requirements
(including heatpump ambient energy)

Gas cooking replaced with electric cooking

Cars and motorbikes are replaced with electric vehicles powered by green electric

Plane and boat journeys are replaced with train journeys

Wider national action

Train networks are completely electrified with electricity supply from green energy and running the most efficient trains

Bus networks use 100% electric buses with electricity supply from green energy

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Total energy cost: £/year

Total co2: tonnes/year

Total Primary Energy Demand: kWh/d

Total Green Electric Demand: of hafod y llan hydro plant

Total wood logs demand: m3/year

Total wood pellets demand: m3/year

Electricity supply settings

All electricity at 2010 intensity of 444gCO2/kWh

All electricity at 2015 intensity of 367gCO2/kWh

Green tariff emission factor based on
who pays for the electricity: 218gCO2/kWh

Green tariff emission factor based on
25% backup requirement: 90gCO2/kWh

Green tariff emission factor based on
15% backup requirement: 54gCO2/kWh

Fully zero carbon electricity supply: 0gCO2/kWh

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